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Success: Luck or hard work? – An insight into how we achieve success

9th August 2016 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Success: Luck or hard work? – An insight into how we achieve success

SUCCESS: Luck or Hard Work?

Some people say that anyone can change the course of their circumstances, write their own destiny and be successful. Others believe that our upbringing and the circumstances in which we were born determine the level of success we get in life. What of the two statements is true? Are privileged people more likely to be successful than those that are born in poverty, dysfunctional families or go through hardship?

Some authors like Malcolm Gladwell argue that success can be also the result of number of specific circumstances and not just an act of just bravery or determination. Other studies argue that white, highly-educated males are more likely to be successful entrepreneurs.

What’s your view? Join us for a discussion around success and the likelihood to conquer success in our lives. Are you privileged? What are your views on Success? How do you define success? Join us for another thought-provoking Expanding Circles evening. Allow yourself to expand your thinking and be inspired.

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