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Ten years on: The aftermath of the global financial crisis

30th January 2018 · 7:00pm - 8:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 Ten years on: The aftermath of the global financial crisis

A decade on from the global financial crisis, the UK remains in the slow lane, with its growth forecast significantly lowered in the most recent budget. Although regulation and supervision of banks has been strengthened to avoid future crises, fundamentally there has been little reform in the financial system, and austerity still rules the lives of ordinary people.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has predicted further spending cuts to public services by the Conservative government and no earnings growth in the next couple of years. But while the average worker earns less after inflation than they did in 2008, the highest earners’ income has increased, and bankers that were once bailed out by the government are back to paying themselves hefty bonuses.

Disillusionment with the establishment is one of the reasons used to explain the sentiment that led to Brexit. But could the UK’s departure from the EU really improve the financial situation of ordinary Britons? Or could it indeed lead to another crisis?

Join Guardian economics editor Larry Elliott for a discussion of the aftermath of the financial crisis and the age of austerity. Panellists include economist Ann Pettifor, with more speakers to be announced. 

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