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The Abolition of Aging?

25th September 2016 · 11:00am - 1:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 The Abolition of Aging?

If we choose to prioritise this project, there’s a high probability that comprehensive, affordable, reliable therapies for human rejuvenation will be available by 2040. People everywhere, on the application of these treatments, will, if they wish, stop becoming biologically older. Indeed they would start to become biologically younger, in both body and mind, as rejuvenation therapies take hold. In short, everyone will have the option to become ageless.

That’s a viewpoint which our distinguished speaker, David Wood, has reached following more than ten years of study of the field of rejuvenation biotechnology. It’s a viewpoint which generates a storm of questions.

This provocative talk reviews the ethical dilemmas and opportunities arising. Wood will urge society to embrace a project for “The abolition of aging” (the title of his recent book), which could change humanity forever.

David Wood studied mathematics and the philosophy of science at Cambridge before spending twenty five years as a software engineer in the mobile computing and smartphone industry. Seeing the radical possibilities of exponentially improving technologies, such as nanotech, AI, biotech, and cognotech, he founded the London Futurists meetup, and has been chairing discussions in London since 2008 on technoprogressive and transhumanist possibilities. He is now an independent futurist speaker, writer, and consultant. He has been visiting Conway Hall Ethical Society intermittently since moving to London in 1986.

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