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The Art of Thinking – an exhibition of sketchbooks

4th May 2017 · 12:00am - 11:59pm

In person | Virtual event

 The Art of Thinking – an exhibition of sketchbooks

the art of thinking (#sharing sketchbooks)

Based in Conway Hall Library.  Opening hours Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday – 10am-5pm

An exhibition which aims to reveal the preliminary processes – through sharing a range of ways to record, explore, reflect and develop creative work.

The Art of Thinking showcases the wide range of ways in which students from across University of the Arts London use sketchbooks to explore and develop their creative work. Co-curated by UAL students, the exhibition reveals the sources of inspiration, the experiments, the trials and the errors, and how they form a vital part of the creative journey.

Building an individual and personalised way of observing, recording and collecting is crucial to develop creative work. The exhibition brings together students from different levels and courses to foster peer-to-peer learning. The exhibition will also include a series of sound recordings, where you can listen to short reflections on sketchbooks.

There will be a chance to interact with the objects and make your own sketch.

What is a sketchbook?

What is in a sketchbook?

How useful are sketchbooks when working on projects?

Why and how do art and design students use sketchbooks?

Do sketchbooks give us an insight into the way artists and designers think?

Are sketchbooks different from notebooks?

What are the benefits of sharing sketchbooks with others?

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