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The science of happiness and wellbeing: How to catch the butterfly

13th June 2018 · 7:00pm - 8:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 The science of happiness and wellbeing: How to catch the butterfly

Trying to be happy is sometimes compared to chasing a butterfly: the chase is fun, but what happens when you’ve caught it? Packed with practical tips from modern science and ancient wisdom, this session asks what it means to be happy, how you can catch the butterfly of happiness for yourself, and what to do after that.


  • About the science and psychology of your wellbeing and happiness
  • Practical tips around how to optimise your own wellbeing and happiness
  • Ways to enrich your life in the long-term by embracing where you are now

Andy Gibson is a writer and educator specialising in helping people manage their minds. He founded the ‘5-a-day for your mind’ campaign, Mindapples, which helps individuals and businesses improve their wellbeing and performance. His latest book, The Mind Manual, is out now published by Hamlyn. Visit

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