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Vedanta Institute London:
The Science of Karma and Destiny

8th June 2023 · 7:00pm - 8:00pm

In person

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Vedanta Institute London: The Science of Karma and Destiny

The universe operates on the principle of cause and effect. Karma and destiny are both based on this universal law of causation which governs people’s lives and how they operate in the world.

Non-understanding of this law has caused a lot of confusion, leading to various superstitions and blind beliefs that are proving to be detrimental to humanity.

Bhaskarji will be drawing from the ancient wisdom of Vedanta to present a scientific and systematic understanding of this law.

Join us to:

  • Learn how karma and destiny relate to your life.
  • Develop clarity of thinking for sound, purposeful living.

Bhaskarji is an acclaimed exponent of Vedanta philosophy in the UK.

He is a teacher and a guide who has been dedicated full time to the study and dissemination of Vedanta for over 30 years.

People from all walks of life including businesspersons, professionals, students and the general public attend his lectures, retreats and weekly classes throughout the year.

Event has passed

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