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The Story 2016

19th February 2016 · 10:00am - 5:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 The Story 2016

The sixth (!) The Story conference will be on Friday, February 19th, at Conway Hall. Last year you told us it was the best event yet, with brilliant speakers including Nelly Ben-Hayoun, James Bridle, Alexa Clay, Kati London, Gary Carter, Lucy Perman and Simon Munnery. This year we’re getting an even more eclectic, challenging and inspiring list of speakers together, so get your tickets now!

As always, The Story is an independent event – we do not take any sponsorship, and we put the income from ticket sales into paying our speakers properly, covering all their costs, and making sure they have everything they need to give a fantastic talk on the day. You’re paying to see them, after all, so we believe in paying all our speakers for their hard work.

Other than speaker and event costs, we also take £5 from each ticket and give it to the brilliant Ministry of Stories, who do such fantastic work developing literacy skills with kids in East London. Little Green Pig are raising funds to open a similar shop/workplace in our home town of  Brighton, so this year we’re adding an extra £5 on every ticket so that we can support both of these amazing projects.

The Story 2016 will again be a celebration of everything that is wonderful, inspiring and awesome about stories, in whatever medium possible. We’ll have stories that are written, spoken, played, described, enacted, whispered, projected, orchestrated, performed, printed – whatever form stories come in, we hope to have them here.

NB – Every ticket sold will contribute £5 to the fantastic Ministry of Stories, which runs writing and reading workshops with young people in East London. yay!

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