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The Testing Ground 1

4th November 2015 · 7:45pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 The Testing Ground 1

London’s exuberant showcase of new dance and movement based performance. A vibrant, daring and life affirming event curated by Luke Dixon & Jane Turner.

Time Lapse


Through a series of surreal, nostalgic and captivating scenarios, Sarah Vaughan-Jones investigates how we gauge and measure the passage of time according to personal and social influences. Time Lapse is an interactive fusion of live music, dance and innovative performance technologies that reveal the malleable, fickle yet profound perceptions of time.

Spanking New

Conway Cohort

Conway Hall’s dancers-in-residence Mark Carberry, Tania Soubry and Lydia Cottrell have created a spanking new performance. Expect to be thrilled by three of Europe’s most exciting dance makers and their unique performance concoction.


World War Two. Budapest, Hungary.

Stepping into the shoes of those who walked, hid, laughed, cried and did their utmost to survive in a time of despair and fear. But, if just a glimmer, amongst rubble, gunfire and torture there is hope.

Souls is inspired by ‘Shoes on the Danube’, a memorial to the Jews who were killed on the Danube Bank during World War Two. Being asked to remove their shoes, they were then forced to stand facing the river before falling to their deaths. This piece aims to bring those souls back to life for a moment and to tell untold stories that we could learn so much from today.

West Side Story and Memphis

Jenny Patrone Dance

Showcasing Jenny Patrone’s choreography you will see a colourful, energetic and collaborative piece with a large ensemble of London’s up-and-coming talent inspired by the great musical theatre numbers from West Side Story and Memphis.

Tickets: £2 for members of Conway Hall Ethical Society, £8 concessions, £10 standard.

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