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The Testing Ground 3: Life Enhancing New Dance & Performance

3rd February 2016 · 7:45pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 The Testing Ground 3: Life Enhancing New Dance & Performance

Hazel Copcutt – Rose Petal Eyes

A live relay of a new dance performance from Brazil.

Rose Tinted Eyes is a dance led performance which invites the audience into the home, a place of  comfort, of safety yet equally with prison like isolation. The enchanting silence of the night cuts a  door for the imagination to be reawakened, for physical boundaries to be met and conquered with the body of dance.

With special thanks to Fernando Costa and Vini Rocha (filming).

Subtle Kraft Co – Moments: Revisited

A trio that explores the different moments that we experience in our lives and what they mean to us, as individuals and fundamentally, as people.

These might be moments that we remember, but it also could be the acknowledgement of the ‘present’.

The piece looks at how particular moments manifest themselves in the individual bodies of the dancers and how it can lead to interactions and relationships between them.

The Meredith Bruno Company – Margarete (excerpts)

Margarete is a contemporary re-imagining of the Faust legend as told from the perspective of Goethe’s tragic heroine, whose life is slowly destroyed after she is seduced, impregnated and abandoned by Faust.

Using Goethe’s work as a source we aim to create a work that tells the story of a contemporary Margarete. A Margarete unburdened by the 19th-century symbolism. A Margarete, unlike Goethe’s original heroine, who could possibly choose life. A Margarete who is like us all.

The Conway Cohort – Social Dance

The first performance of a new trio conceived and performed by Lydia Cottrell, Tania Soubry and Mark Carberry.

Tickets: £2 for members of Conway Hall Ethical Society, £8 concessions, £10 standard.

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