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Thinking on Sunday: Is The Universe a Simulation?

28th January 2018 · 11:00am - 12:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 Thinking on Sunday: Is The Universe a Simulation?
This talk from Bill Turner will explain in an easy-to-understand way “The Simulation Argument’ by Nick Bostrom (Oxford University) which is an argument to say that we are probably living in a computer simulation.

After trying to convince you that this could well be the case we will look at the metaphysical arguments of space, time and matter going right back to Greek & Indian philosophy, about what they thought our wonderful Universe really is. We will touch on ideas of Parmenides, Plato, Kant, Xeno, Pythagoras and others to find out what ancient man was thinking. This is important because it shapes our thinking right through to the present day.

New knowledge, discovered in the last 30 years or so will be introduced that explains why they had so much difficulty and why they often came to dead ends that resorted in saying “it must be God” or “we can never know”. I’m going to try hard to convince you that neither of those is true. And that the Universe is indeed comprehendible.

Change in the physics community is afoot because the partially successful Standard Model has gone almost as far is it can and their are still many questions to be answered, In the second part we will look at some directions physics is going, with regard to black holes, holographic theories, quantum theories of gravity, information theory in physics, String Theory and more.

This talk should be very interesting to those who have been dissatisfied with the answers our society has provided so far.

Bill Turner has a degree in Physics, has worked in Silicon Valley on early processor development and electronics and was later a professional high level programmer. Before retiring five years ago he lectured at Essex University on Information Theory. Bill was brought up a humanist by his humanist parents.

Doors 10.30am. Start 11am.

Entry £3, £2 concessions (free to Conway Hall Ethical Society members, who are encouraged to book these tickets in advance via the Book Now button)

Event is subject to capacity, without exceptions. Space will be reserved for ticket holders.

Brockway Room (Ground floor – accessible. Induction loop audio).

Tea, coffee & biscuits will be available.

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