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Uri Geller And Metal-Bending: Fact, Fiction or Fakery?

9th November 2017 · 7:30pm - 9:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Uri Geller And Metal-Bending: Fact, Fiction or Fakery?

One of the greatest and strangest phenomena of recent times is the rise of Uri Geller and the belief that minds can bend metal. This special presentation, with live demonstrations, tells the whole story from a unique perspective.

Ian Rowland, who performs professionally as ‘The Mind Man’, is friends with (and has been hired by) both Uri Geller and arch skeptic James Randi. He is also a member of the Inner Magic Circle, and has given ‘test conditions’ demonstrations of psychic phenomena without claiming any psychic powers at all. So is it fact, fiction or fakery? All will be revealed!

Tickets £5 (plus fee).

The Brockway Room is on the ground floor of Conway Hall and is accessible. There is also an induction loop fitting in this room.

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