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(we are) a sign of our times

23rd October 2016 · 12:00pm - 1:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 (we are) a sign of our times

Following a think-share-explore approach, this two-hour workshop with a school of thought is divided into three parts – Theory, Illustration, and Action.

Starting with some theory, we will consider what rhetoric is and the role it plays in our daily communications. We will then analyse some festival-related texts to recognise and highlight examples of how rhetoric (and appeals to audience identities and emotions) is used with the aim of getting a message across. Putting theory into practice, we will move into the creative and collaborative action part, looking at the social changes we would like to see. Using a think-share-explore approach, we will create and design slogans for social change – through considering what messages we want to get across, and who our audience is, and by employing rhetoric to maximise the effect our messages will have on our audience(s).

Starting with ideas, sharing and exploring our thoughts, we finish with slogans.
We are a sign of our times…

Tickets: £6

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