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Who Said What About EU Migration? – Alexandra Bulat

22nd October 2017 · 12:00am - 11:59pm

In person | Virtual event

 Who Said What About EU Migration? – Alexandra Bulat

Does the phrase ‘uncontrolled EU migration’ sound familiar to you? We are all probably aware that migration was a key theme in the 2016 EU referendum debates. But what exactly was said about EU migration during the campaign? Who spoke about EU migrants in the UK? Who was given as an example of ‘EU migrant’? Was there a balanced debate on EU migration, with equally strong positive and negative cases made in this respect?

Alexandra Bulat, PhD student at UCL SSEES, spent three months at the British Library working with two EU referendum collections. She looked at over 150 campaign leaflets and the archived websites corresponding to the organisations who published the physical campaign material. A display of bits and pieces from the collections emphasise the main arguments made about EU migrants in this debate. Have a look and find out who were the migrants in question and whose voices were loudest in the campaign. This exhibition is accompanied by a drop-in session for you to ask questions about this particular project, Alexandra’s broader PhD research on attitudes towards EU migrants (in Stratford and Clacton-on-Sea) or simply have a chat about migration & the referendum.

Exhibition open from 11am – 5pm

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