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Women in Motion with Zosia Jo

1st December 2018 · 11:00am - 4:00pm

In person | Virtual event

 Women in Motion with Zosia Jo

“In the mid 16th century the word emotion denoted a public disturbance from the French words for ‘excite’, ‘out’ and ‘move’” (from Miranda Tufnell’s 2017 book, When I Open My Eyes). To feel and to act on a feeling can be a political act. ‘Women In Motion’ is an emotional, political and personal movement. Moving together. Shaking off the day, the month, the patriarchy. Pulsating, making boundaries, creating and reclaiming space, imagining animalistic identities.

In this workshop- open to anyone, with or without previous dance experience- we will use dance and movement to gather, connect to ourselves and others, and to respond to Grace Gelder’s wonderful photography exhibition.

In the morning session 11.00am-1pm, participants will be led through an improvised movement score (meaning that images and ideas will be offered and you will choose how to move in response). The score is designed to empower reconnection to, and reclamation of, the female body, a letting go of appearance, of roles, of expectations, a listening to sensation and a celebration of femininity- whatever that means for you. In the afternoon session 2pm-4pm there will be some tasks offered through which participants can create movement-based responses to the work in the exhibition, looking at gathering and dancing together.

For more info on the exhibition launch and event programme please click here

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