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Bloomsbury Festival:
Words from Elsewhere: Small Press Publishing

21st October 2023 · 12:30pm - 1:45pm

Doors open: 12:15pm


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Bloomsbury Festival: Words from Elsewhere: Small Press Publishing

Books can change the world. Conway Hall welcomes three radical and innovative small press publishers to discuss what inspired them to start, how they found their audience and how they keep going. This event is for anyone fascinated by books, publishing and interested in how to start their own small press.

Strange Attractor Press is an independent publishing house, founded in 2003, based in London, UK and run by Mark Pilkington and Jamie Sutcliffe. Two decades since its inception, with numerous exhibitions and books in its past, and in its future, Strange Attractor Press continues its mission to celebrate unpopular culture.

Past Tense is a project exploring working class, social, subversive, and underground history and geography, mainly (but not always) around the areas where we live in London – in print, online, and through walks and occasional talks or actions.

Guts Publishing is an independent publisher in London. They publish ballsy memoirs and racy anthologies. Their goal is to support exceptional writers so readers can find bold life stories (and that other stuff they call fiction) in the marketplace.

This event is part of Bloomsbury Festival.

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