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words in action: women – language – power

9th March 2018 · 6:30pm - 8:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 words in action: women – language – power

a school of thought: a way with words

“Me too, Time Magazine Person of the year, Time’s up… Emmeline Pankhurst, Mary Beard, Oprah Winfrey… Votes for women, Feminism, Mansplaining…” The context is women, the content is communication.

How can language be used to get a message across?
What is rhetoric and how is it used in communication?
What can you do to develop ‘a way with words’?

Come along to an interactive showcase where you will engage with and learn about some of the elements that make for persuasive communication, encouraging you to explore how you can use language to get your message across, and ultimately develop your own approach to having ‘a way with words’.

This event is the result of a 6-week group project, exploring themes and models relating to persuasive communication, co-developed by: Adam Ramejkis, Anna Rose, Barbara Kukovec, Chloe Carleton, Gian Alberto Kiefner, Joe Bolton, Jose Luis Luque, Ruth Carter and Sally Souraya.

Please contact Adam directly if you have any questions about this project:

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