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World Holocaust Day – Public Dialogue

27th January 2016 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm

In person | Virtual event

 World Holocaust Day – Public Dialogue

“Why are some genocides recognised and others are not?”

Join us for a discussion about the many unrecognised genocides across current world history, which remain unrecognised, hidden and unaddressed by the international institutions, world governments and the mainstream media.

These comprise: Armenia (1915), Baluchistan (1947-2014), Punjab (1947 & 1984-1995), Kurdistan (1987-1989), Ukraine (1932-33), Chechnya (1944, 1999-2009), Kashmir (1989-2014), Native American Indians (1500-1900), and more. 

Free entry. 

Please contact us to book a place by sending a text message with your name to: Jagdeesh Singh, 07827-321036.

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