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Dystopian Times

The election and assumption to office of President Trump in January 2017 and the Brexit vote and its unfolding implications have led to widespread discussions as to whether we are heading towards a “dystopia”. In the last month sales of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four have been massive, as concerned onlookers plumb the past for parallels with […]

Is the Writing on the Wall for Liberal Democracy?

1. Liberal Democracy after Brexit and Trump Where do the Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s election leave liberal democracy? Both events are to do with the discontent of the disenfranchised and those experiencing economic and cultural insecurity. And both reveal that conventional politicians on the left and the right failed to understand this.(1) But the […]

Brexit:The Fall of Troy?

In Jean Giraudoux’s play La guerre de Troie n’aura pas lieu, translated in English as Tiger at the Gates, one might recognize the affinities of the protagonists with the two sides of the campaign leading to the Brexit referendum. Acquiescence, bellicose rhetoric, false optimism, and incongruous reasoning define the juxtaposition between Hector’s peace minded side […]

Discussion on EU Referendum Result

I voted for the UK to remain in the EU because I thought this would be better for all parties involved, both the UK and the EU. That being said, I agree with David Cameron’s refrain throughout the referendum campaign that the UK can indeed survive and eventually thrive outside the EU. So, where are […]

Congratulations on the Brexit Vote for Democracy!

The result of the referendum is a victory for “Project Hope” over “Project Fear.” The voters of the UK must be congratulated for their bravery and for voting to win back Britain’s political independence and national democracy in face of the anti-democratic entity that is the European Union. While the EU is presented as a […]


The EU debate – le crunch

Many of us still have to make up our mind on the EU Referendum. Rather than the vital facts we generally have heard exaggerated claims and biased conjecture, making it virtually impossible for the average person to take a well-informed view. Indeed, is it so complex a matter that all you can do is make […]

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