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Ethical Record Articles

The journal began in 1895 and is produced on an monthly basis. Primarily it has provided abstracts and edited essays of the Society’s Sunday Lectures. It has developed into a showcase journal of the Society’s activities and events at Conway Hall.

John Barrett – Obituary

John Barrett (15 October 1936 – 19 January 2017) We regret to report the unexpected death of CHES member John Barrett, after some routine operations. His non-religious funeral was conducted on 20 February at Mortlake Crematorium. John was born in New Zealand but lived mainly in England. For 25 years he dressed as Dr Watson […]

The Role of Language in Understanding Sexual Behaviour

Warning: this article contains sexually explicit descriptions. This piece starts with a warning: if you are worried about explicit sexual language, you should consider skipping to a different article. The need for such warnings is one of the features of sex and sex research, and the line between ‘explicit’ meaning ‘precise’ versus ‘obscene’ is easy […]

What if we could Rebuild the EU?

In this unique and controversial discussion event, Lucy Anderson and Professor Keith Pilbeam addressed the question of whether our focus should be on creating a brand new EU rather than worrying about soft and hard versions of BREXIT, as well as other questions, head on. Lucy Anderson: Unless there is a large shift in the […]

Obituary: Dr Peter Draper 1933–2016

Dr Peter Draper died peacefully at home in the way he had planned. He was a founder member and early chair of the British Humanist Association – referred to on their website in their History section. He had been a member of the South Place Ethical Society for many years and was an enthusiastic member […]

Unveiling of Conway’s Bust

Transcript of the speech given by Dr Jim Walsh, CEO, on 28 October 2016 at the unveiling ceremony of the 3D printed ‘bronze’ bust of Dr Moncure Conway: Colleagues, Trustees, Patrons, Friends – welcome to this unique moment in Conway Hall’s history. We are here to celebrate something that should have happened on 23rd September […]

Conway’s Journey Round the World, 1883–84: Part 1

In 1882 Robert J. Jeffray and Henry Gyles Turner invited Moncure Conway to lecture in Australia. I know only that Jeffray had been a gold miner, but Turner (1831–1920) was a prominent Melbourne citizen and a leading member of the Melbourne Unitarian Church. Moncure discussed the invitation with his wife Ellen. He accepted it and […]

The Penultimate Curiosity: Science, Religion and the Big Questions?

The Ardèche Gorge, in the South of France, is home to some of the most remarkable paintings in the world. They would be worthy of inclusion in any national gallery. But these paintings are in a cave. They have recently been subject to redating by the most sophisticated methods known to science, and the conclusion […]

Poetic Naturalism – a New Understanding of Life and the Universe

“Naturalism” is the idea that there is only one world, the natural world, which follows the laws of nature and which can be investigated by scientific methods. The term “Poetic Naturalism” was introduced by theoretical physicist Sean Carroll in his 2016 book, The Big Picture. Carroll is perhaps the greatest living humanist thinker and in […]

My Death, My Decision?

In her early 90s my mother suffered from the early stages of dementia, and several other problems which gave her severe pain which could not be adequately treated. On several occasions, she asked me to help her to die. I sympathised with her condition. It seemed a rational request – she had lived a good […]

Cheering for Trump?

Donald Trump’s conduct and temperament; his views and treatment of employees, women, Muslims, Latinos, and indeed anyone opposing him, ought to have ensured his electoral rejection, whatever his policies. So, boos all round. He was patently prepared to say anything to achieve office. But I believe he was telling it as it is on two […]

Is it Time to Rethink the “University”?

Jeremiads abound on the ‘end’ or the ‘death’ of modern universities. There are claims that they are been severely compromised by ‘neoliberalism’ and social changes and left behind by technological advances. An increasing number of writers believe the university has been transformed turned into ‘safe spaces’, an extended school environment, that infantilises students. Many people […]

Obituary: Terry Mullins 1931–2016

I am very sorry to report the sudden death of Terry Mullins on 11 October 2016 from necrotising fasciitis. He was 85 years old. There is to be a memorial meeting for Terry in our main Conway Hall on the morning of Sunday, 27 November 2016, when Terry’s many interests and causes will be represented. […]

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