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Next month will see the 181st birthday of Charles Bradlaugh

Next month will see the 181st birthday of Charles Bradlaugh, a committed atheist and political activist.

Bradlaugh was the founder of the National Secular Society, bringing together localised secular societies to campaign for the separation of Church and State.

These photograph were labelled ‘Bradlaughiana’ when uncovered in the National Secular Society archives. The collection includes photographs of Bradlaugh as a child and in adulthood as well as capturing the sign post for ‘Bradlaugh Street’ in Hoxton, London (since renamed).

It also preserves a piece of Bradlaugh’s campaign propaganda with sheet music for the song ‘Bradlaugh for Northampton!’ encouraging the electorate to vote. The collection also records the huge crowds who turned out to celebrate the unveiling of Bradlaugh’s statue in Northampton.

Image © National Secular Society

Humanist Library and Archives reference: NSS/7/16

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