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Victorian Blogging – Human Depravity

Victorian Blogging – Human Depravity

This blog comes from our volunteer, Cami Garcia, who selected Rev. James Cranbrook’s pamphlet ‘Human Depravity’ as a highlight of our nineteenth-century pamphlet collection. Little biographical information about Rev. Cranbrook is available, but his title of Reverend, combined with the content of this pamphlet and his decision to publish his work through the radical freethought […]

All change: Religion & Belief in Britain

All change: Religion & Belief in Britain

Why does this matter? We are in a fast changing environment where the knowledge and impressions about religion and belief that those of us who grew up in Britain in the latter part of the 20th century are no longer reliable. Britain is now a plural society and that will become increasingly apparent over time. […]

Bertrand Russell letter

“A centenary of trying to make people think”

In 1966 the National Secular Society celebrated 100 years of campaigning for the separation of religion and state. In the run-up to the anniversary they received numerous warm, funny and thought-provoking letters of support from the most influential figures of the day.


Family Planning Association Picket, 1961

This collection of photographs were taken during a protest against British Transport’s decision to remove Family Planning Association adverts from London Underground in 1961.

Charles Bradlaugh

Next month will see the 181st birthday of Charles Bradlaugh

Next month will see the 181st birthday of Charles Bradlaugh, a committed atheist and political activist. Bradlaugh was the founder of the National Secular Society, bringing together localised secular societies to campaign for the separation of Church and State.

National Secular Society members

National Secular Society members in Nottingham on 5 June 1949

National Secular Society members in Nottingham on 5 June 1949 attending the Society’s Annual Conference.

Letter written by Bertrand Russell

Campaigning for Secular Education

The National Secular Society has a long history of campaigning for secular education in the UK.

The English Voltaire

“The English Voltaire”

Thomas Paine, the political activist, philosopher, author, political theorist and revolutionary, is one figure who appears in all three archives of the Alternatives to Religion Project – National Secular Society, British Humanist Association and Conway Hall Ethical Society.

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